MDB Slave Sample Application.


With this sample application 'CardReader', the PC is MDB slave and plays the part of a debit card reader. The MDB master e.g. vending machine controller (VMC) is connected to the USB port of the PC via an USB to MDB interface. The MDBEngine function calls 'Master...' are used to implement this sample application. The project was developed with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 C++.


Operating instructions:

card_reader.jpg (41972 bytes)

Vend cycle:

  • Start the card reader application.

  • Check the LED's for correct data communication.

  • Make sure that the MDB master (VMC) enabled the card reader.

  • Enter some value for Available Funds.

  • Click Begin Session. The MDB master (VMC) should now display the credit.

  • Make a selection on the MDB master (VMC).

  • Click Approve or Deny to finish the current vend cycle. 

Display test:

  • Enter some text, max. 32 characters.

  • Enter the display time in units of 0.1 second.

  • Click Display, the MDB master (VMC) should display the text.

Sample project download:

Download the complete project C++ source code for Visual Studio 6.0. (850 kBytes)

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