MDB Master 'Bill Acceptor' Sample Application.


With this application 'BillAcceptor', the PC is a MDB master and is implemented to control a 'MDB Bill Acceptor'. The Bill Acceptor is connected to the USB port of the PC via the USB to MDB interface. For this sample application a MDB Bill Acceptor of Innovative Technology Limited type NV7 was used as reference. The MDBEngine function calls 'Bill...' are used to implement this sample application. The project was developed with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 C++. 


Operating instructions:

bill_acceptor.jpg (28413 bytes)     Bill acceptance cycle:
  • Start the BillAcceptor demo application.

  • Check the LED's on the USB to MDB Interface for correct data communication.

  • Use Options to configure the bill types.

  • Use Options to view the current bill acceptor information.

  • Enable the bill acceptor.

  • Insert a bill, the credit and new status should be visible.

  • Click 'Accept' to definitive stacking the bill.

  • Or click 'Escrow' to return the bill.

Sample project download:

Download the complete project C++ source code for Visual Studio 6.0. (320 kBytes)

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