Executive Slave Sample Application.


With this sample application 'VMC', the PC is Executive Slave and is implemented as vending machine controller (VMC). A Change Giver is connected to the USB port of the PC via the USB to MDB interface. For this sample application a Change Giver of MEI type Cash Flow CF-690 was used as reference. The MDBEngine function calls 'Executive...' are used to implement this sample application. The project was developed with Borland Delphi 2.0.


Operating instructions:

vmc_pas.jpg (35420 bytes)

Vend cycle:

  • Start the VMC application.
  • Check the LED's for correct data communication.
  • Drop some coins into the Change Giver to have credit for a vend.
  • Click one of the Selection to start a vend.
  • Click Vend Success or Vend Failure to finish the current vend.

     Note: The prices are fixed with 50, 100, 200 and 500 cents.

Sample project download:

Download the complete Delphi Project and Source Code (181 kBytes)

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