May 2021: New analyzer software v5.00

The new analyzer software (ESDA v5.00) is optimised for Win 10 and comes with a convenient installer. All settings and folder parameters are automatically configured during installation. The user interface is optimised with new pictograms and popup info for all functions when mouse drag-over. Main window can be re-sized, dimensions remain stored for next startup. New alert occurs before terminating application.

June 2020: New business owners

The vending and cashless experts André Cuttat and Csaba Schulz took over the established business of BonusData. The solution portfolio will be streamlined focusing on the new vending machine interface BD-4000 in two variants with USB- or RS232-connection. The new Analyzer software application is Win 10 compatible using the HDLC protocol. A new machine simulator software is in the pipeline to support universal payments and all new MDB Level 3 features.

Feb 2020: global fieldbase of BonusData interfaces reached 1000 units

The BonusData interface is well accepted around the globe. This Swiss solution is widely used to analyse any kind of MDB, EXEC or RS232 communication in detail and to make a transparent report. After more than 20 years of BonusData business operations the sales volume of 1000 analyser interfaces is achieved around the world. Congratulations to the team and to all BonusData customers.

Dez 2019: Analyzer software ESDA update

The BonusData interface is used around the word in various environments to effectively analyse communication between machines and peripherals devices. Computers are continuously replaced and upgraded to the latest Windows versions. Nowadays Win 10 is the preferred operating system of workplace computers. The BonusData application ESDA (Enhanced Serial Data Analyser) is fully Win 10 compatible and can be easily used with any Win 10 computer in combination with the latest BD-4000 interface. Please contact BonusData for further details.

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