Known problems with Analyzer.

The real operation of the Serial Data Analyzer with different Vending Machine Controller (VMC) and Peripherals like Change Giver, Bill Acceptor, Card Reader and other Devices in any combinations caused feed back with some incompatibilities. Also the installation caused some feed back.

BonusData AG will publish all this customer feed back here to the user of the Serial Data Analyzer.

Feedback #060406 - Only one direction (RXD2) is recognized by the Serial Data Analyzer.

This problem was discovered with some MDB card readers. It is because MDB actually defines one master and multiple slaves, up to 7. The USB/MDB interface offers a complete MDB master interface and MDB slave interface. For recording the MDB communication the master receive of the MDB master interface and the slave receive of the MDB slave interface are used. When the USB/MDB interface is connected like that we actually get the situation with two MDB master receive on the same MDB bus. This is not according the MDB specification, but in 98% of all cases, it works. For those cases where it does not works there is following solution. Replace the resistor R17 with a value of 10K Ohm. To identify R17 use this part location plan.

Feedback #030324 - Only one direction (RXD2) is recognized by the Serial Data Analyzer.

This problem was discovered as the Serial Data Analyzer was connected to a Zanussi Vending Machine (Zeta) with Executive Protocol. The line RX1 was not recognized by the Serial Data Analyzer. The reason is a low voltage of approximately 4 Volt on the Executive bus. The opto coupler does not recognize the signal.

Note: The same problem was discovered with a Zanussi Vending Machine with the MDB protocol.

Solution: The resistor R11 with 100K Ohm must be replaced with 270K Ohm. To identify R11 use the part location plan.

Feedback #030324 - Are the red LED's RXD1, TXD1, RXD2, TXD2 hardwired?

Yes, this LED's are hardwired and will indicate the state of the lines even if the software is not running. Note: The Serial Data Analyzer does not use the TXD1 & TXD2 line.

Feedback #030217 - What does the green LED indicate to me?

When the Interface is connected to the USB bus, there is no firmware loaded and the interface is not initialized. The two red LED's TXD1 & TXD2 are not defined and may indicate any random state. The green LED indicates that the firmware is loaded and running on the interface.

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