Reading EVA-DTS data with the DEX/UCS protocol.

There are some people, telling the public, how easy it is to read out audit data of a vending machine. But this is much more difficult as most of the professionals already know. This was the reason for BonusData AG to release a freeware tool to test it. The tool is a windows console application, like a DOS application. To use it, connect the PC serial port COM1..COM4 to the DEX/UCS connector of the vending machine. But here the troubles start already. Many machines do not offer a standardized DEX/UCS connector. This connector should be a female audio jack 1/4", but where is it? But if it is there, you will need a cable from female RS-232  on PC side to male audio jack 1/4" on the vending machine side. If the female audio jack 1/4" isn't there you will have to find out! Any kind of connectors can be found.

Such a cable can be made by your self, you just need the connectors, some cable, the soldering tool and the schematics. If you don't have the schematics download it here.

Or you may just order it at BonusData AG. See BonusData AG products, part BD-2015.

Download the tool 'DEX.EXE' right here  (148 kBytes)

If you use the serial port COM1: start the tool with DEX /P:COM1

For more help, start the program without parameters, just 'DEX' and it will display it's syntax. See below:

dexucs_help.jpg (36500 bytes)

The DEX data will be stored per default as 'MARS.DEX' file in the same directory.

If you like to develop your own DEX/UCS application, download a sample here. Published by ConiCo, USA.

Download the source code of our demo application described here.

Note: The tool 'DEX.EXE' is designed to terminate on any error. If there are some problems like timeout, the tool will terminate with a corresponding error level.

Important: The usage of this too is on your own risk. BonusData AG is not responsible for any damage by the usage of this tool, like lose of data or electrical damage of the serial connection ports on either side, PC or vending machine controller (VMC).

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